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) indicates something you need to HAND IN on paper (if it's a worksheet) or electronically (online exercises and i Lrn). Absprungtext lesen: Do i Lrn T:2-23 and T:2-25 as follows: First do T:2-23 (Wortdetektiv); then read the text "Anna schreibt eine E-Mail" (V Seite 60); then do T:2-25 Free-writing assignment: 50 Wörter.

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When you're ready, click here to take the online Kapitel 3 "pre-quiz" and use the "Submit" button to submit your score to your instructor.Lesen Sie auf der Kurswebseite die "Supplementary Grammar Explanations" für Kapitel 2 (this will help you a lot with T:2-40 and T:2-41 on i Lrn! ), S:2-1Q (Click here for general info on i Lrn assignments) 2a.